What is clipcast?

Clipcast is a multi-platform network clipboard.

It works as follows:

Veeeery convenient, if you have more than one workstation on your desk.

Available platforms at the moment are: native X11 (Xt) and Windows. Mac OS X, Gnome and KDE to come.


On the first computer (here: Unix/X11 with ctwm)

(1) Select the text, that you want to copy to the second computer

(2) Middle-click on the clipcast icon

On the second computer (here: Windows 2000)

(3) Place the cursor in a text field and press Ctrl-V (or whatever method you prefer to paste text in Windows)

(4) On Windows, the clipcast icon is here, in case you want to copy text from the second to the first computer.


Current version is 0.1.3 (refreshed in 2017)

Either from the


Manpage: /clipcast(1)

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